Health Programs for Diverse Industries

Leading change in employee benefits.

The majority of employers today are focused on managing healthcare benefit costs as spending continues to skyrocket due to rising medical inflation and provider consolidation.

At the same time, the Employee Benefits landscape has changed, with more employers looking to make health and wellness programs a key strategy.

With a tight labor market, attracting and retaining talent has been a challenge for employers who are seeking innovative solutions to offer affordable and meaningful healthcare benefits.

Beyond Risk
Employee Benefits Solutions

Beyond Risk provides tailored healthcare solutions that enable employers to benefit from the following:

  • Transparency in pricing
  • Greater control over medical costs without compromising coverage
  • Engaged employees who are motivated to take a more active role in their healthcare


Our solutions include self-funded, captive, and stop-gap solutions – each more efficient than traditional insurance allows.

We leverage technology and data analysis to help pinpoint what’s driving claims, which helps deliver better risk management and plan design.

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